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Updated June 3, 2017


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Bob is and was a sailor from a teenager on into adulthood.
He was in the Sea Scouts as a youth and spent 32 years as a Seabee (most of that time in the reserves after a few years active duty).
Recently, on a trip, he had a chance to go sailing again on a lake in Texas.

These are pictures taken of "the Farm" in Spring, 2007.
By the fall of 2007, we became the owners of the Kelm Family farm near Montello.
We hope to keep it in the family for many years to come.
In 2015, Bobís dream came true; and we moved to The Farm for good.
Lots of remodeling happened before and after we moved.
Pictures will be displayed here later.

Before that, we retired to a lovely cottage that Bob built in Langlade County in the woods on a lake.Pat wrote this poem while we lived there:

Dream on, oh ye that labour, for yours is but a step away from reality.
(These words and first verse of poem courtesy of Jim Pool).

I prom'n 8 and don't gain weight.
I dangle a line with the very best bait.
I explore nature, but guard against bugs.
I return home to get my hugs.

The squirrels and I have an ongoing feud -
At the birdfeeder, they're very rude;
But I still see jays, finches, and chickadees,
Loons on the lake, eagles on the breeze.

My corner of the world is a peaceful place;
Can't help but have a smile on my face.
Worked many a year to attain this spot;
My wife and I, we laugh a lot !

Come visit awhile and sit a spell,
I've a yarn to spin and a tale to tell;
The campfire glows in the dark of night,
While the stars shine above with comforting light.

We're reminded here of the Lord above,
Who created the world and us with love;
We'll share that love as best as we can,
With a helping hand to our fellow man.

(poem by Pat Kelm - 2001)

Coyote that Bob shot in New Mexico, winter of '06-'07. Somehow the hide was saved from the fire in Sheboygan Falls in 2007 and he was finally able to receive the finished tanned pelt.