Some Family Trees

Updated May 27, 2008
(See descendants of John Syfleet, Sr.)

ALDEN Ė MULLINS (Mayflower Connection)
Some Descendants of John Alden and Priscilla Mullins

BAILEY (pail of info to be uploaded soon)

BASS (see above Mayflower connection)

BATES (breathlessly waiting)

BENNIN & HEMB (New Family Tree)
Ancestral Tree in Progress

BRUGGINK & MEINEN (the Holland connection)

BUTTON (looking to sew this up)

BYRDICK (working on this branch)

CARY (coming soon)

Some Descendants of John Clarke updated October 29, 2005
Some Descendants of George Gardner
Some Descendants of Henry Howland

CLEM (need more info)

Some Descendants of Joshua Cook

Some Descendants of John Corbin

DOOR (under construction)

ESTABROOKS (swimming with lots of data)
Some Descendants of Elisha Estabrooks
Estabrooks Cemetery Row 12
Estabrooks Cemetery Row 25
Estabrooks Cemetery Rows 7, 13, 26

EVANS (English/Welsh?)

FELLINGHAM (have 1925 book)
Some Descendants of John & Annie Johnson Fellingham

FITZGERALD/GERALDS (interesting past)
Some Descendants of John & Betsy Storke Fitzgerald

GOULD/GOOLD (found gold)

HARDER (pouring over the books)

HEALY (doctoring the pages)

HINZ (surprising hints to come)

Some Descendants of Johann Kelm
Picture of Friedrick Herman Kelm in his Prussian uniform (see a better picture)

Some Descendants of Hans Joachim Krohn

KROLNIK (announcement forthcoming)

LEHMAN (need more info)
Some Descendants of Karl Lehman

LENSING (Netherlands to Germany)

OTTERY (more info needed)

POOL/POOLE (side evaporates six generations back)
Some Descendants of Mathew Pool, Sr.

RADUE (coming soon)

RAMMINGER (need more info)

SCHIMMEL (searching . . . .)
Some Descendants of Christian Schimmel

SCHULTZ (watch for relations)
Some Descendants of Wilhelm Schultz

SCROGGINS (source being checked)
Picture of Emma Scroggins

SIFLEET (SYFLEET, SIFLETT) (the ship has landed)
Some Descendants of John Syfleet, Sr. updated May 27, 2008

SLOCUM (slowly being worked on)

STORKE (unknown birth)

SWEET (currently being digested)

TESSNO (check back later)

WALL (under construction)

WEBER & NOTH (descendents to be grilled)


WEST (directions given later)

Some Descendants of James Wheaton
Estabrooks Cemetery Row 8

WOOD (under construction)



(Information here has been gathered from various sources Ė much of it documented, but not all. I will correct any mis-information as time goes on and add more as I have time and as more information is gathered. Enjoy delving into the past with awe and wonder at the hard lives and struggles of our ancestors.).




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