Labor Day Weekend
September 4 - 7, 2015
(Updated Dec. 2, 2015)


††††††††† What a wonderful weekend! All of my brothers and sister-in-law were able to come to our new place at the farm plus several nieces, nephew-in-law, and children.On Monday there was a large project of removing the old milk house to be taken to our grandsonís place and put into use as a small chicken coop.
††††††††† The weather was beautiful Ė a little warmer for this time of year.The younger family members took one day to go to Wisconsin Dells, while the oldest generation (of which Iím a part) watched an interesting slide show presentation of a mission trip to the Philippines which was taken by my brother, Jim, and his wife, Sue.
††††††††† Sue also presented each of us choices of some beautiful photos she took out in Colorado.
††††††††† The following pictures were taken during the weekend including pictures of the removal of the milk house on Labor Day itself.


Group Photo: Pat, Ed, Jim, Dick, George

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Camp Sweat II


Family Tree

Bobís Corner

Patís Place

Gateway Squares


Central WI Square Dance

Smooth Dancing