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In the beginning there was the dawn.

And through the mist came the vision of peace after the great ice.

Trees abundant and creatures flourished.

Lakes and fish make the soul soar and the heart to rest for this was good.

The land provided crops for sustenance for both animals and humans.

The people danced for joy!


Welcome to the Northland Notes by Pat and Bob Kelm

on a family farm near Montello, Wisconsin.

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ĒDance, then, wherever you may be . . . ď

image003Antigo Gateway Squares (they havenít sent me their current schedule.)

image003Marshfield Hoedowners (they havenít sent me their current schedule.)
image003Square Dances (Central North West Area, WISCONSIN) updated Sept. 6, 2018
image003Smooth & Proper Dancing Techniques NEW March 6, 2002
image003How Contras Fit in Square Dances added Aug. 2, 2002

Dance Links:

Hoedown News (Wolf River Area, Wisconsin)
Kettle Squares (Wolf River Area, Wisconsin)
Square Dances (Southwest Area, Wisconsin)
Wisconsin Round Dance Leaders Council
International Association of Square Dance Callers
CONTRALAB International Association of Contra Prompters
ROUNDALAB International Association of Round Dance Teachers
Wisconsin Square & Round Dance Convention††
68th (2019) National Square Dance Convention Ė Atlanta, Georgia, June 26-29, 2019

69th (2020) National Square Dance Convention Ė Spokane, Washington, June 17-20, 2020
The Lloyd Shaw Foundation



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image003Labor Day Weekend in Holidays Ė updated September 26, 2017
image003Camp Sweat II updated June 5, 2017
image003Bob's Corner updated on June 3, 2017
image003Pat's Place updated September 19, 2017
image003My Genealogy Page updated May 27, 2008



Family Links:

Fire and Ice (Gaming Convention organized by our son, Dan )


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