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Updated January 1, 2019

(See current calling schedule below.)

Square dancing has become a big part of my life. In fact, it is my life! The enjoyable parts are moving to the music, fellowship with the other dancers, and a fun activity and hobby with my spouse. We began square dancing in 1972 as a night out together. Our oldest child was just old enough to babysit the younger children.

Of course, a year or two later, we brought several along to begin learning and joining in with the fun. Eventually all were dancing. Now we are "retired" (Ha Ha) and will probably continue dancing until we just can't stand up anymore.

Pat is also a square dance caller (for almost 44 years), a round dance cuer, and a contra prompter.

It's been a real joy calling and teaching square dancing all these years. I've had the privilege to meet so many wonderful people of all ages.

I've enjoyed calling for the Shirts & Skirts, Cloverleaf Squares, Jacks & Jills, Kettle Squares, OK Swingers, Square Generations, Gateway Squares, and also many other clubs where I've been the guest caller. I've enjoyed teaching square dancing in various schools.

During one consecutive six years (2003 - 2008) I taught a six week course in square dancing to students at Peace Lutheran School in Antigo. The last year we had students from grades 4 & 5 - a total of 31 students. We actually had seven weeks of one hour sessions twice a week. They put on a program at the end for the parents and grandparents; and they did a fantastic job!

The past 11 years I've worked with a live band (Twin Hills String Band) calling dances for weddings and special events and hoedowns. It's exciting to be able to call to live music.

Again, I say, it's been a great joy!

However I cut back on Modern Western Square Dance calling on March 31, 2011. I call an occasional club dance and continue with the contra calling and the traditional squares, and round dance cueing.

In the fall of 2015 we moved to a new area.  After a while I tried to introduce square dancing here with somewhat successful results.  We used a combination of square and contra dances.  But being in a predominately rural and low populated area, most of the time we would have only 3 couples.  One time there were 2 squares and I got my hopes up.  Not everybody comes every time; so triplets became the way to go.



*Pat’s 2018 Calling Schedule:
January 28 – SDAW Jamboree
March 16 – Westport Squares, Madison, WI
April 14 – Kettle Squares, Plymouth, WI
May 6 – SDAW Jamboree
June 10 – Gateway Squares, Antigo, WI
June 26-30 – Contralab Convention and National Square Dance Convention, Kansas City, MO
August 10-12 – Wisconsin Square & Round Dance Convention, Marshfield, WI
October 28 – Gateway Squares, Antigo, WI
November 4 – SDAW Jamboree
*Pat’s 2019 Calling Schedule:
January 27 – SDAW Jamboree

May 3 – Westport Squares, Madison, WI

June 8 – Kettle Squares, Plymouth, WI

July 14 – Gateway Squares, Antigo, WI

August 9-11 – Wisconsin Square & Round Dance Convention, Middleton, WI

September 6 – Wheel & Deal, Stevens Point, WI

October 12 – Kettle Squares, Plymouth, WI

November 10 – Gateway Squares, Antigo, WI
November 15 – Westport Squares, Madison, WI

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